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Make Your PC Ultra Quiet With Noctua Fans

Today we are going to talk about some tips and tricks you should know when building or upgrading your PC on how to optimize the airflow and noise in your PC. For this article, we have decided to use Noctua fans because they are some of the most well designed fans on the market that are engineered for noise and airflow.

27 May 2017

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and 1400 Review: Intel's 4C/4T Era is Finally Over

With the release of AMD's Ryzen 5 CPUs, there's really not a single reason to buy a Core i5 CPU now. The Ryzen 5 lineup has put an end to Intel's 4C/4T era by giving people 2x thread count and 2 extra cores. You would have to be romantically in love with Intel to even consider getting a Core i5 CPU now.

22 May 2017

AMD Radeon RX 550 Review: Perfect For eSports Gamers

The new RX 500 series come with bumped up clock-speeds and slightly adjusted prices. The Radeon RX 500 series takes aim at the mainstream and lower-end market while RX Vega which will be released in the current quarter is aimed at the high-end market.

1 May 2017

Fractal Design Define C Window Review: An Aesthetic Compact ATX Case

Today we are looking at the Define C Window which retails for $89.99 and it incorporates a wide range of features such as space for high performance graphics cards, support for various cooling configurations and it even comes with Velcro straps for easy cable management.

28 April 2017

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Review: Lives Up To The Hype

With the release of the Ryzen processors, AMD has undoubtedly shaken up the market with its Ryzen 7 line-up and has put serious pressure on Intel. Their Ryzen processors finally bring much-needed competition to the CPU market that's been dominated by Intel for quite some time now.

9 April 2017

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Review: The New King of Price To Performance Ratio

A few weeks ago AMD released the first three models of its highly anticipated, high-performance AMD Ryzen processor. AMD Ryzen processors come in three series; Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3. The AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, Ryzen 7 1700X and Ryzen 1700 are 8 core offerings with 16 threads and are fully unlocked.

26 March 2017

Noctua Chromax Accessories Review: Stylish and Very Easy to Install

Today we are looking at Noctua's Chromax line which consists of anti-vibration parts that give users the option of color-customizing their fans to match individual build color schemes. The NA-SAV2 and NA-SAVP1 are available in red, blue, green, yellow, black and white.

24 March 2017

SilverStone Strider Titanium ST80F-TI Review: Silent And Modular

The ST80F-TI is a 80+ Titanium certified PSU, fully modular and comes in a compact design. It uses all high-quality Japanese brand capacitors that ensure long-term reliability. The ST80F-TI outputs enough power to feed two high-end graphics cards and still has plenty of room if you plan to overclock your CPU.

18 December 2016

SilverStone Strider Platinum ST75F-PT Review: A High Quality PSU

The SilverStone Strider Platinum ST75F-PT power supply retails for $154.99 and comes with 5 years of warranty. SilverStone displayed the ST75F-PT at CES at the beginning of 2016 and it received a lot of positive attention.The Strider Platinum line ranges in capacity from 550W all the way up to 1200W.

4 December 2016

Noctua NH-U9S Review: Great Improvement Over Previous Generation

The NH-U9S is an asymmetrical cooler with five heatpipes that not only provides better cooling performance than the previous generation but also improves compatibility with mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards. The improved asymmetrical design allows for full compatibility with PCIe cards, be it on ATX, microATX or ITX.

24 September 2016

Fractal Design Define R5 Blackout Review: Big, Stylish, Quiet, and Durable

Fractal Design has sent us the Define R5 Blackout edition which is a stylish mid-tower case that incorporates a wide range of features such as flexible storage options, space for high performance graphics cards, and support for various cooling configurations. Fractal Design has a total of eight versions of the Define R5 case.

20 September 2016

Netgear R6700 AC1750 Router Review: Excellent Router For Large Homes

Netgear's R6700 is a large router that packs a 1Ghz dual-core processor that's designed for large homes. It is a mid-range router that supports up to 450Mbps on the 2.4Ghz frequency band and up to 1300Mbps on the 5Ghz frequency band. It measures 11.22 x 7.26 x 1.97 in (HWD) and weighs a little over 1.6 pounds.

14 September 2016

Noctua NH-C14S Review: An Engineering Marvel

The original NH-C14 was released back in 2011 and it received a lot of positive feedback from the community but now Noctua has released the updated version called NH-C14S. The NH-C14S is the successor to the NH-C14 which is a top-flow design cooler that is designed to be compatible with mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards.

10 September 2016

Noctua NH-D15S Review: Noctua Dominating The Cooling Market

The NH-D15S uses an asymmetrical layout and a single fan that allows the NH-D15S to provide greater RAM and PCIe compatibility than the regular NH-D15. Noctua's products are always top notch when it comes to build quality and the NH-D15S is no exception.

5 September 2016

SilverStone EP03, EP05 and EP07 Review

SilverStone is not only known for making computer cases, power supplies and cooling fans but also for making a wide range of accessories for personal computers and today we will be looking at the EP03, EP05 and EP07. The EP03 is a USB 3.0 hub that has four 5Gbps USB 3.0 ports so you can use it transfer data or to charge mobile devices.

3 September 2016

SilverStone Primera PM01 Review: SilverStone Does It Again

The Primera PM01 is a stylish mid tower case inspired from a sports car and comes in three versions of this case – matte black with red LED (PM01CR-W), piano black with red LED (PM01BR-W) and white with blue LED (PM01WA-W) which is the one that I will be reviewing.

27 August 2016

AMD A10-7860K Review: AMD's Most Power Efficient APU

Back in February AMD announced the A10-7860K APU which replaces the A10-7850K. The A10-7860K is a 65W TDP APU with full A10 four steamroller cores and 8 GCN Cores with 512 Stream Processors and this makes the A10-7860K the most efficient AMD APU released.

14 August 2016

AMD A10-7870K Review: Perfect For HTPC, Office And Light Gaming

AMD launched the A10-7870K last year but now it comes bundled with the new near-silent Thermal Solution that's designed to handle TDPs of up to 125 watts. The A10-7870K is identical to the A10-7890K in terms of core counts and TDP but it is clocked 200MHz lower. You can find the A10-7870K for $140 on Amazon.

4 August 2016

OLALA 64GB iPhone Flash Drive External Storage Review

The OLALA 64GB iPhone flash drive is designed for people who tend to fill their iPad/iPhone up with photos and videos pretty quickly and want to move them onto an external storage device without using any cables. OLALA has sent me their 64GB iPhone flash drive external storage to review which retails for $42.99 on Amazon.

30 July 2016

OLALA 13000mAh Portable Battery Charger Review

There are plenty of portable battery chargers on the market but most don't come close to their advertising specifications. I have had trouble with portable battery chargers in the past not working after a few weeks or losing their charge very quickly. OLALA has sent me their 13000mAh portable battery charger to review which I have been...

24 July 2016

SilverStone PS11 Review: An Outstanding And Durable Mid-Tower Case

The SilverStone PS11 is a high quality entry-level case that comes in two versions, one with side window and another with sound absorbing foam. It incorporates a wide range of features such as flexible storage options, two front USB 3.0 ports, space for high performance graphics cards, and support for various cooling configurations.

20 July 2016

AMD Athlon X4 880K Versus Intel Pentium G4400 Review

AMD's Athlon X4 880K is all about value and while it is nice to have the latest and most powerful hardware, most of us can only afford something in the mid to low-end. The Athlon X4 880K is essentially a A10-7870K/7890K without an integrated R7 GPU, allowing the X4 880K to be about $50 cheaper than the A10-7890K.

14 July 2016

SilverStone PS13 Review: A Well Designed Mid-Tower Budget Case

SilverStone was founded in 2003 and since then, they have become a well known name in the enthusiast market and have gained a lot of respect for releasing high quality products. SilverStone has made two models of the SilverStone PS13; PS13B (black) which is the one that I will be reviewing and PS13B-W (black + window).

9 July 2016

Netgear ReadyNAS RN3138 Review: Great NAS For Small Businesses

The RN3138 is a 4-bay 1U rack mount enterprise NAS with a maximum capacity of 32TB for up to four hard disks. The RN3138 replaces the RN3130 with a faster CPU and double the RAM of the RN3130. Netgear's RN3138 is powered by the Intel Atom C2558 Quad-Core 2.4GHz processor with 4GB of ECC DDR3 RAM.

25 June 2016

AMD FX-6350 Versus Intel Core i3-6100 Review

AMD initially announced the Wraith with the FX-8370 and A10-7890K processors but the FX-8350 and FX-6350 are also shipping with the Wraith. In terms of price, the direct competitor of the FX-6350 is the Core i3-6100 which is the processor that I will be comparing the FX-6350 to in this review.

16 June 2016

AMD A10-7890K Review: Fantastic Performance For Entry Level Gaming

The A10-7890K is AMD's fastest APU that is based on the Kaveri design introduced two years ago. It offers great performance for entry level gaming. The main difference with the A10-7890K APU is that AMD has given it a 200Mhz speed increase over the A10-7870K and has bundled it with the Wraith cooler.

9 June 2016

AMD's Wraith Cooler Is A Game Changer For Stock Cooling

AMD's Wraith Cooler is a four heatpipe heatsink cooler that’s designed to be whisper quiet while providing more cooling performance than its predecessor. AMD's Wraith Cooler is a game changer for stock cooling and provides more than the bare minimum of what processors need to stay cool.

27 April 2016

Noctua's NH-D15 Versus Five High End Closed Loop Liquid Coolers

The NH-D15 is going head-to-head against the Corsair H100i GTX, NZXT Kraken X61, Cooler Master Nepton 240M, DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm Captain 240 and Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S. These are some of the popular high end closed loop coolers on the market right now so it will be a great way to test them against the NH-D15.

18 November 2015

Netgear R6400 AC1750 Router Review: An Upgrade To The R6300v2

Netgear's newly released R6400 AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router is the successor to the R6300v2 which was released back in 2013. The R6400 is a mid-range router that supports up to 450Mbps on the 2.4Ghz frequency band and up to 1300Mbps on the 5Ghz frequency band.

26 October 2015

Google Chromecast (2015) Review: No 4K Support

Google's second generation Chromecast is the successor to the original Chromecast that was released back in 2013. It's being called Chromecast 2015 and comes in three different colors, red, black and yellow. It also comes with a few major hardware improvements that make the Chromecast 2015 easily stand out from the competiton.

10 October 2015

Noctua Redux Fans Review: Premium Fans Just Got More Affordable

The Redux line from Noctua is geared towards budget oriented users who still want Noctua's high quality fans but in a more affordable package so in this review we go in-depth and review all the Redux fans from Noctua. Noctua has released 13 Redux models with speeds ranging from 700 to 1800RPM and from 80mm to 140mm.

14 June 2014

Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC Review: The Best Just Got Better

In this review of the NF-A14 industrialPPC, we go in-depth and review both the 2000 and 3000RPM version of the NF-A14 industrialPPC fans. The industrialPPC versions provide excellent airflow and pressure capacity while keeping noise levels and power consumption as low as possible.

1 June 2014

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is the successor to the original non-pro version USB 3.0 flash drive that was released back in 2012. It is available only in 128GB capacity and retails for $150.00. It weighs approximately 17 grams and SanDisk rates it with speeds of up to 240MB/s in write and up to 260MB/s in read.

19 May 2014

Noctua NH-D15 Review: Retaking The Cooling Performance Crown

The Noctua NH-D15 is the successor to the legendary Noctua NH-D14 that was released back in 2009 and has won numerous awards for its highest cooling and quiet performance. The Noctua NH-D15 is now Noctua's flagship CPU cooler designed for overclockers and silent-enthusiasts in mind.

2 May 2014

Noctua NH-L12 & NH-U9B SE2 CPU Coolers

The Noctua NH-L12 is a low-profile quiet cooler designed for use in small form factor cases and HTPC environments. The NH-U9B SE2 continues the legacy of Noctua's classic NH-U9 series of compact premium coolers. It is aimed at the mATX and HTPC users who want the performance of a tower heatsink in a compact form.

27 March 2014

Noctua NH-C12P SE14 & NH-C14 CPU Coolers

The NH-C12P SE14 is the successor to the NH-C12 and it now comes with Noctua's new NF-P14 140mm fan for further improved quiet cooling performance. The NH-C14, designed for top-flow cooling, comes with two NF-P14 premium fans that can be installed on top and underneath in dual fan mode for maximum performance.

22 February 2014

Noctua NH-L9i & NH-D14 CPU Coolers

The Noctua NH-L9i is Noctua's low profile heatsink designed to fit into small factor systems or HTPCs. The NH-D14 on the other hand is Noctua's largest CPU cooler that combines a massive six heatpipe dual tower cooler designed for extreme overclocking. Both these products come with Noctua's NH-T1 thermal compound.

28 December 2013

Corsair Air Series AF120 Performance Edition Fan

Air Series AF case fans perform best in unrestricted spaces with at least 3 cm (1.2”) of clearance, and they’re ideal for mounting at the rear or top of your PC case as exhaust fans for your PC’s motherboard and CPU, graphics accelerators, and other components that fill the case with heat. They work equally well as unrestricted...

3 December 2013

Corsair Obsidian 350D mATX Case

The Corsair 350D mATX case is designed for building compact high-performance systems. The compact size is ideal if space is limited, but there’s plenty of room inside for liquid CPU cooling, dual hard drives, dual SSDs, and dual full-length graphics cards. The 350D is designed for fast and neat builds, with tool-free access.

1 December 2013

Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler

The NH-U14S is the 14cm top model of Noctua's classic U-series single tower CPU coolers and is the bigger brother of the NH-U12S. It comes with six large heatpipes and it has more surface area to dissipate the heat thus handling higher overclocks will be a little bit easier.

19 August 2013

Noctua NF-S12A (ULN, FLX, PWM) Fan

The NF-S12A series fans are Noctua's third generation fans and are available in three versions: ULN, FLX and PWM. All three versions are equipped with anti-stall knobs and AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimization) that can drastically improve the airflow/noise efficiency of your case.

17 August 2013

Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooler

The NH-U12S is the latest 12cm model of Noctua's classic U-series single tower CPU coolers and comes with a 120mm fan designed for silence and performance. The NH-U12S comes with five heatpipes made out of nickel plated copper and the fins made of aluminium.

15 August 2013

ASUS Z87-Pro

With the arrival of the much anticipated Haswell processor, Asus has released a variety of mainstream motherboards that are targeted at enthusiasts and gamers. Today we will be looking at the Z87-Pro which is the bigger brother to the Z87-A. The Asus Z87-Pro is an impressive mid-range motherboard that not only looks attractive...

14 August 2013

ASUS Maximus VI Gene

With so many great ATX motherboards being launched recently for Z87 chipset, it's easy to forget mATX boards like the Maximus VI Gene that is targeted at both overclockers and gamers. ASUS has equipped this bad boy with 8-SATAIII ports, 16-USB ports, a ton amount of headers and amazing built in sound quality.

14 August 2013

Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 RAM

Corsair is a name that many enthusiasts know for making high quality products, from cases, to PSUs, to cooling products, to RAM and much more. Corsair has been designing high speed performance memory for a very long time and their memory is very popular throughout the industry.

3 August 2013