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Editor's Choice Award

Our Editor's Choice Award is given only to those products that have barely any flaws and cons, offer stellar performance and are very well built. This is the highest award and when we award products with it, it is because they truly deserve it!

Elite Award

Our Elite Award represents products that are the best in its class. It has no recognisable problems and offers the best performance in its category regardless of the price.

Innovation Award

Our Innovation Award represents products that are unique when it comes to design and engineering and honors those companies for creating an outstanding product. These products may not necessarily hold the performance crown but their uniqueness and creativity deserves recognition.

Gold Award

Our Gold Award is awarded to products that are perfect in every way and offer amazing performance and value. This product stands out from the crowd by being the highest quality and solving critical problems that other products don't in that category.

Silver Award

Our Silver Award is awarded to products that meet the high standards of the reviewer but have a few flaws that prevent it from being perfect. The flaws could range from not having a reasonable price point to not offering good enough performance. This product is overall great and the reviewer would choose to use it in their own PC.

Bronze Award

Similarly like the Silver award, this product is usually priced very high and just falls short in the testing phases. This award is given to products that the reviewer believes have design flaws but nevertheless, the product could still be reasonably priced which would make it a decent product.

Highly Recommended Award

Our Highly Recommended Award is awarded to products that totally impresses us in many different aspects whether it might be on price, value or performance.

Great Value Award

Our Great Value Award is awarded to products that are the best bang for your buck and perform outstandingly well for its price range.