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RelaxedTech was founded on October 11th 2013 in North America and it started as a personal project during my junior year in college. I have a strong passion about computers and I want to share that with everyone. RelaxedTech publishes unbiased information, articles and reviews on the latest computer hardware technology. Since its inception, RelaxedTech has received a positive feedback from the community for its in-depth reviews and articles.

If you are someone who loves technology and are into building your own computer and overclocking the components inside your computer for maximum performance, then RelaxedTech might be the place for you. We are devoted to bringing you the latest computer hardware news, reviews and analysis. Despite what some people say about the enthusiast and PC gaming market, it is quietly growing every year and it's getting bigger than ever.

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You might have noticed that RelaxedTech does not have any ads and that's because we want to stay unbiased. Most of the reviewing websites have ads from different manufactures which hurts the credibility of the website so we have chosen to not put ads on RelaxedTech. So how do we make money? Well, we don't. Most of the time we are required to send the hardware we review back to the manufacturer but otherwise, we do not sell the hardware we receive because that hardware is used in our test systems and for future articles. We spend money out of our own pocket to pay for the hosting/domain and other maintenance cost.

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Please use the form below to contact us about any questions you might have. If you are interested in submitting a product for review on RelaxedTech, we normally review products within 2 weeks upon receiving the sample and we will inform you about the publishing date.